Health, Safety and Courtesy Guide

Vendors, Musicians, Instructors, Managers, Sponsors, Staff and Volunteers (“Contributors”)
participating in the Petoskey Music Art & Farm Expo (“The Petoskey Expo”) agree to the following rules of courtesy:

  1. The show must go on. While on the property, we are putting on a show. The attitude and demeanor of Contributors under all conditions must promote wellbeing of the clients, guests, and other contributors. Contributors are requested to keep a positive and up-beat attitude from set-up through shut-down. Disputes will be resolved off the property and/or after the show. The Petoskey Expo is a team of all contributors working together to put on a great show!
  2. Maintain the equipment. Contributors agree to the rules and regulations as posted for the use and maintenance of the Emmet County Fairgrounds or Petoskey Expo property, equipment and grounds. Equipment used must be returned to it’s original position, clean and in it’s original condition and packaging, or ready to return to the supplier.  Report any breakage or loss to the center manager immediately.
  3. Report security or safety concerns. If necessary in an emergency dial 911 for assistance. Report any security or safety concern immediately to the center manager. No guns or firearms of any kind are allowed in the Community Center, even as merchandise. No pets; service dogs allowed. No smoking in the building or within 20 feet of doorways. Alcohol is only allowed in designated areas. Children must be well-behaved and supervised at all times.
  4. Keep the facility and grounds clean. Dispose of waste properly. Vendors must keep tables neat and clean.  If possible, pick up litter and debris around trash cans. Every Contributor benefits when all Contributors help keep the area clean. Advise the center manager if there is a need for any clean up or maintenance.
  5. Follow food safety and fire codes. When working in the kitchen or anywhere around food, follow food safety codes. Keep surfaces clean and watch food and cooler temperatures. Wash your hands before handling food and after using the restroom. Do not store anything in Fire Exits, block Fire Extinguishers, or overload electric circuits.  Report any food safety, fire, parking or crowd control issues to the center manager.
  6. Park and load in designated areas.  Some areas of the parking lot are designated vendor sites, access paths, trolley stops, and event venues. Park in designated areas and use designated loading zones. Do not park or unload using the roads by the barns or behind the Community Center as those are music and art venues.   During the event, park as far away as possible in designated parking to leave more spaces up close for guest.
  7. Prepare for any weather. The weather in Northern Michigan is unpredictable. If at an outdoor venue, prepare for any weather and assist others should a weather event occur. The Community Center sites are indoors and climate controlled.
  8. Terms and Conditions. Contributors agree to hold free and harmless the officers, staff, managers, any sponsors, advertisers, and other Contributors from any and all actions, claims, and liability which in any manner may arise or be alleged to arise from any and all activities, loss or injuries connected directly to or proximately with The Petoskey Expo and Emmet County Fairgrounds. This includes loss or damage to vendor’s goods, wares, art work, display materials, instruments, equipment, and vehicles brought to the event. This indemnity from liability shall specifically extend to claims of product liability.

Enjoy the Show!