Northern Summer Marketplace

Welcome to the Northern Summer Marketplace inside the Community Center at the Fairgrounds July 20, 21 and 22, 2018!

At the Northern Summer Marketplace inside the Community Center at the Emmet County Fairgrounds you will find some of the best art, antique, hand-made crafts, and farm goods in Northern Michigan. Wise travelers and locals know that Northern Michigan has many of the best artists, artisans, craftsman, collectors and vendors! The marketplace at the fairgrounds offers a wide variety of artifacts to enjoy, give as gifts, or add to your d├ęcor or collection. Investing in art, hand crafted items, and antiques items can bring joy to the heart, recall a special person, or serve was a memento of a favorite event while keeping memories alive. Buying locally made treasures helps to support the community of artist and collectors who keep art and beauty vibrant.

Featured Vendors

Yoga and Saxophone in the Fairgrounds Garden

Experience yoga in the garden with Heidi with Marty Ward on Saxophone.

Experience graceful yoga with Heidi Dietrich to the soulful saxophone music of Marty Ward. Enjoy a beautiful morning in the gardens behind the Community Center at the Emmet County Fairgrounds.

Sunday July 22 10:00am-12noon. For the latest information see the Facebook Event.

Thank you to Heidi Dietrich ( and Marty Ward for the great start to “Saxophone Sunday” at the fairgrounds featuring Marty at 10:00 in the morning and then later the fabulous Pistil Whips at 4:00pm. Enjoy the marketplace, art-making, food and music all day. Join us for this family friendly fundraiser to bring music and art to schools.

Thank you for supporting music and art in education and in life!

Mother Mary’s Canning Company






Mother Mary’s Canning Company offers wonderful hand made farm canned goods. Delicious!