Vendor and Volunteer Guide

Welcome to the expo!  Vendor set-up is Friday morning July 20 from 9:00am-3:30pm.  The music Friday starts at 4:00pm and goes until 10:00pm and vendors can stay open Friday (and Saturday) evening.  Saturday morning set up is 7:30am-9:30am. The market opens at 10:00am and the music goes from 10:00am until 10:00pm.  Sunday morning the market opens at 10:00am. Yoga and Saxophone is from 10:00am-12:00 with music is from 12:00-6pm.  The market closes at 6pm and everything must be removed as soon as possible for clean up.  Sunset is around 9:20pm.

The following notes provide guidance on how the expo is organized and operates.

  1. Health, Safety and Courtesy. All vendors, musicians, managers, staff, and volunteers (“Contributors”) agree to the terms and conditions and are requested to follow rules of courtesy in the Health, Safety and Courtesy Guide.
  2. Location and Dates. The Petoskey Music Art & Farm Expo is at the Emmet County Fairgrounds and Community Center on Friday night July 20, Saturday July 21,  and Sunday July 22.  Set up day is Friday July 20th from 9:00am to 3:30pm (call for other times).  On Friday night, bands will start at 4:00pm behind the Community Center. Vendors at the Marketplace may choose to be open Friday night from 4:00pm to 10:00pm. The weekend vendor show runs from 10:00am through 6:00pm Saturday and Sunday, but vendors are welcome to stay open into the evening during the music.  The Saturday music runs through 10:00pm.  Sunday night the expo closes at 6:00pm.  Vendors inside the Community Center must be vacated as soon as possible for clean up. No overnight camping.
  3. Set up. You will be provided a site location upon arrival. In the Community Center building, it is recommended that you set up on Friday between 10:00am and 3:00pm. If necessary, call for an appointment to set up later or on Saturday.
  4. Electricity. Please request power if it is needed. Only some sites will support power. Vendors must bring their own extension cords, power strips and equipment.  Do not overload circuits.
  5. Food Sales. Vendors selling food must display a copy of the valid license and follow food safety guidelines.
  6. Center Manager. An area in the Community Center will be designated the information booth where a “Center Manager” will be available to answer questions or resolve issue.
  7. Vendor Venues. Vendor spaces are inside the Community Center building, as well as around the Fairgrounds. The Community Center will be locked at night but there is minimal security on the grounds. Vendors are responsible for their own security. There is no storage. Please keep vendor areas clean and neat and store boxes and packing materials out of sight. Leave no refuse after the event. Waste receptacles are available on the fairgrounds for small trash, but cardboard and large trash should be removed.  Sales outside of designated spaces, such as from the a vehicle in the parking lot, are not allowed.
  8. Music Venues. The Main Music stage is behind the Community Center.   Except for loading and unloading before or after the show, do not park vehicles in the roads behind or around the Community Center. Do not block gates or maintenance paths.
  9. Watch your stuff. All equipment, displays, products and vehicles are your responsibility at all times.
  10. Parking. Areas of the parking lot will be utilized for additional music, sponsors and vendors. Do not park in designated “Do Not Park” zones. Vendors are requested to park far away from the events and to leave the best parking for the clients.
  11. Camping. There is no vendors overnight camping in the parking lots. Camp sites with facilities at Magnus Park, at the Petoskey State Park, and other area locations.  Please do not use fairgrounds facilities for washing or camping activities.  There are many hotels nearby in Petoskey. Book early, space is limited.
  12. Display Tents.  The floor of the Community Center is concrete. The fairgrounds venues are either asphalt, walkways, lawns, or a mixture.  Please use weights to secure the tents. Stakes are only allowed on lawn areas.  Inside the community center, tables and chairs are available. Outside, tents, tables, chairs, and all displays are the responsibility of the vendor and will not be supplied.
  13. Transit. There is no Uber or Lyft service in Petoskey. Cabs are available. For some events,  Odawa Casino provides pick-up and drop off service to transit to the Casino.  Downtown Petoskey is approximately 2 miles from the Fairgrounds.
  14. Due Dates. Please sign up as early as possible. Checks will be deposited when received to The Expo, or returned if not accepted for any reason. We try to include all vendors but reserve the right to reject vendors for any reason, although usually it would be because several vendors are carrying the same product. You may pay online on the Vendor Site Purchase page.
  15. Remittance. Checks may be made payable to: Petoskey Expo, PO Box 127, Pellston, Michigan.  Proceeds help support the event as well as to help fund music and art in eduction.
  16. No Refunds. No refunds at or after the show.

Enjoy the Show!